From Vice, Héloïse Letissier, on her alter ego, Christine:

“I was like, I’m going to make the audience feel uncomfortable for a while by staying silent and staring at them,” she says of those early performances. “I had the energy of a kamikaze. I was out of a really dark place and I did things I couldn’t do now. I was lucky that the audience were nice every time. I don’t know if it was good but it was weird for sure.”

Christine was born in a suit, a sartorial bent that’s now fully incorporated into Letissier’s own wardrobe. Dresses and heels are banished forever in favor of menswear by Givenchy and Carven, not to mention the sharp silhouettes of Saint Laurent and Chloe—“because it’s quite effortless and free.” Because she’s so slight, sometimes she shops in the boys section, and was thrilled when Dior Homme recently crafted suit to her measurements.

“I think it’s really elegant,” she says. “I was a big fan of Annie Hall. It’s not about being androgynous because I’m not androgynous, although I would love to be, it’s more a symbol of taking men’s clothes and because of the silhouette it creates and how it makes you move… you don’t dance the same if you’re in a dress. I love the idea of being neutral and having this neutral energy so you can be everything else. It’s not too fussy and you can arrive and sit and spread your legs and be confident. I always felt Christine was going to be that way.”

Below is the original version of Tilted, in French.