Everybody Street – New York City Street Photography (Trailer)

I need to watch this documentary asap. From Wired:

BEING A STREET photographer is a bit like conducting a drunk symphony: You must make order of chaos. Only a few photographers do it well, and many of them appear in Cheryl Dunn’s film, Everybody Street, which chronicles the street photography of New York City.

Dunn chose New York because it always has been at the center of the genre. Many a shooter has made a career documenting the city’s colorful characters, and many of street photography’s most iconic photographs were shot in one of its boroughs.

“If you want to get a really broad slice of humanity, you can find it in New York,” Dunn says. “Every kind of person is out there and I think that’s what’s attracted all these photographers.”

Camel Coats, 5th Avenue, New York City, 1975. Photo by: Joel Meyerowitz.

USA. New York City. 1959. Brooklyn Gang.Photo by: Bruce Davidson/Magnum

Photo by: Jamel Shabazz

Everybody Street – New York City Street Photography (Trailer)