Transforming Coca-Cola into clean drinking water

From Wired:

[Helmut] Smits’s version of The Real Thing looks like an array of lab equipment from a high school chemistry class. There’s a glass bottle of Coca-Cola boiling in a beaker of oil. As the sugary drink boils, it slowly yields water vapor that’s then caught in glass piping and transferred into another beaker. In just one day, the machine can convert a bottle of Coke into a glass of clean drinking water. […]

Smits has a particular methodology for starting his art projects: He picks a subject, then tries to observe it like an alien, seeing it for the first time. “So I looked at Coca-Cola not as Coca-Cola, but as I’ve never seen it before. And then I saw dirty brown water,” he says. “It was logical to filter it to clean drinking water.” Smits doesn’t have a chemistry background, so he worked with scientists at the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group at the University of Amsterdam to create the working installation. It’s currently on display at the Sense Nonsense exhibit at Dutch Design Week

Transforming Coca-Cola into clean drinking water