The art of bridges

Humber Bridge by Annie Devereux

I spotted the following quote on Russell Davies’ blog, and thought it made sense to illustrate it with some images from this collection.

“I think art is overrated, and bridges are underrated. In fact, I don’t understand why bridges aren’t art. It seems to me they’re penalized for having a use.”
– Max Barry – Machine Man

Sydney Harbour Bridge by SantaPhilly
Tyne Bridges by robstoke
Newcastle bridges by patric
Hoeg Brök – Maastricht, The Netherlands Bridge desgin: René Greisch (Belgium). Opened on December 18th 2003.
Forth Bridge Mid summer, mid night by David Richardson
Snowy Trestle in Washington The view from the back of a train as it crosses a trestle in the northern Cascades of the US state of Washington by purplearth
The art of bridges