A case for waking early in the city

New York Magazine makes a lovely case for getting up early in New York through the recollections of some of it’s inhabitants:

“There’s something about 6 a.m. that makes everyone seem like they’re in slow motion, out for a leisurely stroll. It’s probably because this hour feels like stolen time.” —Beverly Willett, Carroll Gardens, writer

“I get up at 5:30 for work—I’m in construction—and you see all kinds of things at that hour. Once, we were doing a job at a luxury condo in midtown, which didn’t officially start until seven, because you can’t make noise before then. So we used to sit on the corner every morning and wait. One morning, we see a naked woman on the ledge of the building—I guess she’d climbed out the window. She lowers herself to the street by hanging off the ledge, then drops to the sidewalk and hits the ground running. She hails a cab completely naked and speeds off. I don’t know how you pay for a cab naked in this city, and I don’t want to know.” —Rory Prenderville, Hell’s Kitchen, construction worker

“Every morning, I walk by St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Madison Avenue before the sun rises, and for a while I would see an older man come out in jogging clothes. We would always say good morning. One day last March, I saw him come outside, and there was someone helping him with suitcases into a tinted SUV, with two policemen sitting outside it. It turns out that man was Cardinal Timothy Dolan. That morning, he was on his way to Rome to see if he was going to be the new pope.” —Bradley Gill, Elmhurst, tunnel builder working on the Second Avenue subway line

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A case for waking early in the city