New York City cops get banned from sleeping on the job

From the New York Times:

On a police station bulletin board in Queens, the officers of the 108th Precinct can see where their bosses do not want them to go. The auto body shop and the doughnut store, for example, because of suspicions that they offered police discounts. The Irish bar around the corner is forbidden as well, because the commanding officer was wary of drunken trouble.

But most of the nearly two dozen stay-away locations have little to do with temptations of the soul or spirits. Their prohibition has to do with the seduction of sleep.

Places like Calvary Cemetery and a nearby railyard, precinct commanders have concluded, might be too inviting for officers seeking a place to snooze — so as a precautionary measure, they have been declared off limits. The list at the station house in the Long Island City neighborhood describes them as “cooping” locations, slang for secluded spots where police officers have been known to park their patrol cars and nap.

New York City cops get banned from sleeping on the job