Brazil to bid goodbye to the VW Kombi

Well this is kind of sad. From the Atlantic Cities:

With a series of new car safety measures from the Brazilian government scheduled to go into effect January 1, Volkswagen’s famous Type 2 van—known in Latin America as the Kombi—will no longer be produced after 56 years. But there may be one last glimmer of hope.

The iconic bread loaf-looking van, in continuous production at a plant just outside São Paulo since 1957, has never come with airbags or anti-lock brakes due to design constraints. After Brazil approved legislation requiring all vehicles made in the country to come with standard safety features starting next year, Volkswagen decided not to modify the Kombi. Instead, the carmaker announced it would be producing 1,200 special “Last Edition” versions of the van. For nearly twice the usual cost.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for the old Kombi yet:

According to a Telegraph report however, Brazil’s finance minister is looking into a possible exemption that would allow the Kombi to resume production.

Read the article in full, and check out some of the Brazilian TV commercials for the Kombi here.

Brazil to bid goodbye to the VW Kombi