May the Road Rise to Meet You

Wired has a nice story about a photography project between father and daughter:

Dennis Macel spent 44 years as a traveling salesman, clocking close to 8 million miles throughout the country selling telephone poles.

His daughter Sara Macel offers a lyrical tribute to his life in her book, May the Road Rise to Meet You, condensing the 4,000 or so days he spent on the road into what reads as a single business trip. In telling the story of his life’s work, Macel was determined to reflect her father’s perspective as much as her own.

“The project is very much a conversation … between the life I imagined he lived and the life he actually lived,” she says.

I liked this quote:

“During our long drives down the highway, we realized that the life of a salesman and the life of a photographer have way more similarities than we ever imagined,” she says. “Going to photo conferences and setting up your little display case is just like going to trade shows and setting up your little booths. So we talked a lot about that and about selling yourself and dealing with customers and clients. We really bonded on that level.”

May the Road Rise to Meet You