Memories of Paul C

Paul C Part 1

A while back I read an article via that brilliant time enhancing resource Longform called Traveling at the Speed of Thought, all about Paul C.

On the back of Stezo’s “Freak The Funk” single and Eric B. & Rakim’s Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em LP, you’ll find snapshots of a white guy and the inscriptions “In Memory Of Paul C.” At the fade of Organized Konfusion’s “Fudge Pudge,” Monch, Prince Poetry and OC are chanting, “To the organisms! Paul C! To the organisms! Let the beat ride…”

That’s about all that is known about Paul C – his name and his musical fingerprint. He was white, Irish and, at times, called Barney Rubble. Most knew him as the nice guy with the ridiculous record collection. On July 17th, 1989, the 24 year-old producer was found murdered in his Rosedale, Queens home, shot three times in his head and neck. To this day, nobody knows who killed him or, more importantly, why. That night, Biz Markie was on his way to Studio 1212 to work with Paul on his Diabolical LP. Paul C had just produced a demo for Organized Konfusion and mixed Stezo’s classic Crazy Noise LP. The last thing he produced was Eric B. & Rakim’s Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (though the credits indicate otherwise). Latifah was supposed to be next.

Now there’s a documentary. Check the first two parts above and below, and the rest will be available from here.

Remembering Paul C Part 2

Memories of Paul C