How to solve a problem like mobile

I wrote a short opinion piece for Campaign and Brand Republic on mobile advertising, which was published today. If you’re interested, you can read it in full here, and below is a brief extract:

Imagine trying to squeeze a department store into a street corner kiosk. It would be impossible without losing vast amounts of inventory.

And yet that’s the challenge digital publishers face, as they make the painful transition from being desktop advertising businesses, to becoming mobile advertising businesses.

It’s not a choice any major publisher has made willingly. Nobody woke up and decided to move from the wide screen utopia of near endless pixels to a world where space is almost comically limited. No, the choice was made for them by their users. The proportion of people accessing the web using mobile devices hasn’t just grown, it’s exploded. Near vertical growth charts speak for themselves.

How to solve a problem like mobile

One thought on “How to solve a problem like mobile

  1. MarianaGlezC says:

    Totally agree, it is most common for us to be checking out info in our mobile devices. Businesses should have both a “ready-detected” mobile users and quick link to social media

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