Less and more: Dieter Rams on good design (video)

So much has been written about how Apple’s Jony Ive is influenced by Dieter Rams, chief of design at Braun from 1961 until 1997, that it’s refreshing to hear from the man himself in the video above. From the Atlantic:

The video was produced to go with Less and More, a massive collection of [Dieter Ram’s] product designs. The video isn’t new but it’s always fascinating to revisit Rams’s 10 Principles for Good Design. Although they were formulated in 1985, they still feel modern today — especially with their emphasis on sustainability.

Klaus Klemp, who curated an exhibition of Rams’s work also called Less and More, explains that the principles were not “a theory” but “the result of the first 20 years in this laboratory,” drawing on the experience and contributions of many different people. Decades later, Rams wants to push innovation beyond product design; “today we need less but better products, ok, but … we need new landscapes, together with new cities. We need new structures for our behaviors — and that is design. We have enough things.”

Check out the book Less and More here.

Less and more: Dieter Rams on good design (video)